Friday, June 7, 2013

Whether you have returned back home to the Catholic Church, or you are thinking about that possibility, or you are somewhere in between you have a story to tell.  I am sure of that, because I have spoken to many Catholics who have left the Church, some who wanted to return and those who have returned.  I am one of those returning Catholics myself.  I have my own story, too!

When I have spoken to people who have come back to the church I discovered a common thread.  Everyone said that when they were away from the Church, they said the Church never really left them.  One of the most common factors that brought most people back was a great desire to receive the Eucharist.  From my own story I can tell you that was the biggest reason I wanted to come home to the Catholic Church.

When I came back, I had a desire to become more involved in the Church and to get a better foundation of my faith--a better understanding.  If you are someone who has just returned or is considering returning to the Catholic Church, I can assure you that there are many resources, communities and ways to get a much better understanding of the Catholic faith!

We all know first hand how difficult life can be!  We need a strong faith life to see us through the trials and tribulations of this earthly life.  We need a glimpse of the life to come.  It is my hope that this blog along with your input will help us all to grow in our Catholic faith and ever closer to God through Jesus Christ!

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