Monday, August 31, 2009

Pro-Life and a View on the Kennedy Funeral

I have heard many comments since the burial of Sen. Ted Kennedy and the blessing given by the pope in light of Kennedy's record on abortion. I think those who are Roman Catholic politicians ought to sit up and take notice exactly of what happened in the exchange of those letters between Pope Benedict XVI and Sen. Kennedy.

Senator Kennedy wrote to ask for a special blessing from the pontiff with the consideration that he was gravely ill. In the portion of the letter that was revealed, we see a man who pleads his case and admitsfailing, even though he has tried to follow Church teachings. Now, we can never know Senator kennedy's confession, but we can hope that he repented of his stances on abortion and other stances that were contrary to Catholic teaching.

The fact is that Pope Benedict XVI did give his apostolic blessing. This is a significant blessing, indeed. I do not think that he would offer such a blessing unless he felt there was a genuine understanding of the sins commited and the repentence necessary.

If this is the case, then I think it would be important for our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters involved in politics to sit up and take notice. If Sen. Kennedy sought and apostolic blessing, he must have come to the realization that he was out of line in that area of Catholic teaching. And like so many of us, he, too, sought to be made whole again in the Church.

Speaking from the perspective of a returning Catholic, I can admit that I did not follow many of the teaching of the Catholic Church, but when I returned, I also came to the clear realization that some of my stances were not in line with the teachings of the Church. I was fortunate to realize this while still healthy. I could repent of these failings and come to the Sacrament of Penance. I hope it was the case, too, with Senator Kennedy. Now I would pray that all of those who currently support the Pro-Choice agenda would re-consider their position in light of this.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


One Thousand Apologies! I have been away from blogging since April! So much has happened since I last wrote a blog--I moved into a house! Following my divorce, I lived in an apartment for a couple of years, and then--miracle of miracles a nice little house with a good-sized yard went up for sale. The house needs only some minor cosmetic work/updating, but for the most part, it is gorgeous!

So, now, the Returning Catholic returns to blog. Let me tell you, when I got very busy I also had a somewhat "desert experience" spiritually. I still felt God was in my life, but I began to question my own journey. Specifically, I have been struggling to find a spiritual connection with a third order. I have researched and prayed and read and prayed and talked to people and prayed. Well, I am amazed how God works... God does act in our lives... but wow... I wish God would work in my time! Serious, though, I have been learning patience in these few months that I have been away from the blog. But, God has taught me alot in that time.

My life has been turned upsidedown in the past four years and I think I was looking for a "group" to help me settle down. Since I first heard about Third Orders or Secular Orders I have felt drawn to the idea of strengthening my spiritual walk, while becoming part of a community.

It was through quiet prayer and settling myself down that I realized I have been rushing myself to acheive MY IDEA of what a spiritual life should look like. I have a work-life that doesn't lend itself well to monthly scheduled meetings, and I then felt I would not find a community.

I started and stopped with an online community (which is very reputable) called the Confraternity of Penitents. As I started the inquiry stge with them, I felt a live community would be more helpful, so I became restless and looked for Third Order Carmelites and Third Order Franciscans and Dominicans, etc.

Then I got tired of my restlessness and I was about to give up all hope of this idea of a spiritual community. But, I sat down with God and took a long hard look at my life. I was trying to intellectualize everything about the spiritual and religious life. I also must admit that I was becoming obscessed with me. I was selfish... not a good sign. What did God want me to do? That is when my heart-to-heart with God transformed my focus. The question, "What is your rush?" came to my mind.

I returned to the Confraternity of Penitents, because that is where I felt at home and I was simplifying my life, while at the same time learning how to look for God's Will.

So, now I have a new home, a peaceful yard and a new and improved outlook on life.

If you are know to my blog, welcome! If you are returning to see if I am still alive, I am and welcome back!

God Bless!