Tuesday, August 25, 2009


One Thousand Apologies! I have been away from blogging since April! So much has happened since I last wrote a blog--I moved into a house! Following my divorce, I lived in an apartment for a couple of years, and then--miracle of miracles a nice little house with a good-sized yard went up for sale. The house needs only some minor cosmetic work/updating, but for the most part, it is gorgeous!

So, now, the Returning Catholic returns to blog. Let me tell you, when I got very busy I also had a somewhat "desert experience" spiritually. I still felt God was in my life, but I began to question my own journey. Specifically, I have been struggling to find a spiritual connection with a third order. I have researched and prayed and read and prayed and talked to people and prayed. Well, I am amazed how God works... God does act in our lives... but wow... I wish God would work in my time! Serious, though, I have been learning patience in these few months that I have been away from the blog. But, God has taught me alot in that time.

My life has been turned upsidedown in the past four years and I think I was looking for a "group" to help me settle down. Since I first heard about Third Orders or Secular Orders I have felt drawn to the idea of strengthening my spiritual walk, while becoming part of a community.

It was through quiet prayer and settling myself down that I realized I have been rushing myself to acheive MY IDEA of what a spiritual life should look like. I have a work-life that doesn't lend itself well to monthly scheduled meetings, and I then felt I would not find a community.

I started and stopped with an online community (which is very reputable) called the Confraternity of Penitents. As I started the inquiry stge with them, I felt a live community would be more helpful, so I became restless and looked for Third Order Carmelites and Third Order Franciscans and Dominicans, etc.

Then I got tired of my restlessness and I was about to give up all hope of this idea of a spiritual community. But, I sat down with God and took a long hard look at my life. I was trying to intellectualize everything about the spiritual and religious life. I also must admit that I was becoming obscessed with me. I was selfish... not a good sign. What did God want me to do? That is when my heart-to-heart with God transformed my focus. The question, "What is your rush?" came to my mind.

I returned to the Confraternity of Penitents, because that is where I felt at home and I was simplifying my life, while at the same time learning how to look for God's Will.

So, now I have a new home, a peaceful yard and a new and improved outlook on life.

If you are know to my blog, welcome! If you are returning to see if I am still alive, I am and welcome back!

God Bless!

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John in Florida said...

Good to read your blog again. Several times this week I wondered about what was taking your time -- but always with a sense you were right on track and that your were just not blogging about it.