Sunday, December 7, 2008


Welcome All Who Come Here!

I am starting this blog maining because this would be something I wish I had when I was thinking about returning to the Catholic Church. If you read my brief biography, you can see I left the Church when many young people tend to wander off. This is not unusual; many people go looking for the deep answers to life.
For me, I felt the Catholic Church was filled with rites without meaning. There were many people (friends and aquaintances) who were more than willing to agree with me. Unfortunately for me, I did not give any serious listen to the Catholic Church's side. These other friends were staunch anti-Catholic Protestants, New Age promoters and well meaning former Catholics who were hurt by the Church.
My dear mother, I know now was hurt by my decision to leave the Church, but she never said a word to me. She wanted to be supportive of my decisions in life. I also have no doubt that she prayed every day for me to find peace in my soul.
In my immediate search, I decided to go to opposite end of the religious spectrum in my search for truth. I dabbled in the occult. An older and wiser looking co-worker told me about a religion called ECKKANCAR. WOW! That was fascinating to a young twenty-one year old. The belief of this groupm was that you could reach perfect knowledge by following the teachings of certain dead Masters who acheived this perfect knowledge. This religion had it all! It promised out-of-body experiences, essentially gnostic insights and knowledge. There was "body harmonics." I am still not sure what that was about!
That phase waned quickly because it did not provide me with anything truth. It only gave me a few psychosomatic highs, but no real answers. I decided I needed something more conventional. At the same time, I also felt as though I had abandoned my one true faith. If you are a Catholic who has left the faith, I think you may know what I am talking about. There is a feeling deep inside that says, "You are a Catholic."
In my next installment, I will take you further into my journey back to the Catholic Church. Stay tuned... many strange and unusual things happen.
You may be a returning Catholic, thinking about returning, know someone who might return, or you are new to the Catholic Church... no matter who you are, please share your feelings, hopes and desires about the Catholic Church. God places us here to help one another. Perhaps you need someone to help you now, or you may be that person who will help another who was searching like me.


John said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere.

This is an excellent blog. Many Catholics and Protestants will be able to identify with Jim’s path and benefit by Jim’s insights.

Jim’s seminary education, work as a pastor, return to the Catholic Church, and life as a Benedictine oblate, make this blog an important contribution to the online community.

I look forward to reading this blog.

Jim said...

Many thanks for your kind words. Most especially, I want to thank you for your encouragement. God bless you!